Play Gender: Playing around with gender as an idea rather than simply and eternally replaying the roles we've been assigned in our heads. This approach is not necessarily a new one, playfully and creatively dealing with gender categories, but new impulses are added by everyone on the playground or in fact outside the playground. Having to explain ourselves over and over again: Are you a boy or a girl? Replay and rewind that old tape. Gloria Steinem's feminism is a casette droning out but the allegedly new feminism is more interested in silencing differences rather than blasting out questions.

Because the status of person perceived as male in our society and culture is still that of a superior we are determined to expose the work of thus-perceived women and to do so according to our own rules and as an opposing force to the economically established dominace of just these men, who believe to have done us a favor by pushing artists like Madonna.
We're stepping into the ring but not to play their game.


Thus our riot-grrrls established their own scene with feminist networking elements. Music constituted a valuable channel via which to reach the rest of the scene with personal matters and thought-provoking issues to foster the discourse. Fueled by discontentment many bands were founded whose lyrics circled around topics like discrimination against women, sexual harrasment, rape and homophobia that often reflected personal experience.

This tradition is continued today via Ladyfest events: Anti-commercial events providing a platform for queer and feminist music, film, literature, art, practicalities and politics.

Ladyfest events happen in public spaces rid off sexism and violence where ladies of all genders are welcome to participate in queer and feminist debates.